There's So Much You Can Do With Mulch

There's So Much You Can Do With Mulch

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Mulch is one of the most versatile landscaping products on the market. It comes in many colors, and it can be used for both decorative purposes and to promote healthy plant growth. At Hulvey Landscape Supply, LLC, we have a huge selection of mulch, all offered at affordable prices. Our staff would love to help you pick out the right product for your yard.

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Learn to use mulch properly

Once you've decided to use mulch in your landscaping, there are two basic rules that you should follow. First, make sure you lay your mulch on soil that's already been weeded. Second, lay down a thick enough layer of mulch to prevent new weeds from growing through it. You will probably need about four to six inches of mulch.

Other tips for using mulch correctly include:

  • Using a double layer of mulch with newspaper in the middle to prevent persistent weeds
  • Pulling mulch away from your perennials in the spring
  • Keeping mulch about six to 12 inches away from woody shrubs and trees

When mulch is used properly, it's a beautiful accent in your landscaping project. It also works great as a soft filler material for playgrounds. Visit Hulvey Landscape Supply soon to stock up on mulch.