The Key to Healthy Plants Is in the Soil

The Key to Healthy Plants Is in the Soil

Purchase high-quality topsoil at your local landscape supply store

Topsoil is the mineral-dense top layer of dirt. It's characterized by the presence of organic matter, including living, dead and decaying organisms. At Hulvey Landscape Supply, LLC, we take pride in selling some of the best topsoil in our area. Our product is ideal for growing many different plants, flowers and trees.

Talk to a team member about how much topsoil you may need for your project. We're happy to deliver your soil if you're unable to pick it up at our Fort Wayne, IN location.

Understanding the contents and uses of topsoil

Your ideal topsoil is a mixture of sand, silt and clay. Most landscapers agree that you want soil that's roughly 40% to 65% sand, 20% to 60% silt and 5% to 20% clay. There are many uses for topsoil in a landscaping project. You might purchase it to:

  • Create a plant bed
  • Repair lawn damage
  • Improve soil drainage

No matter how you choose to use your topsoil, the staff at Hulvey Landscape Supply will have what you need. Put our topsoil to the test in your landscape today.